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Amsterdam City Hall roof planted

Amsterdam City Hall roof planted Leora Rosner Due to the tenacity of one person a seed was planted and nurtured until it grew and began to blossom. The story of planting the roof of the City Hall of Amsterdam (the Stopera) began in April of 2007 when a letter was sent...

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Wild or not: which do you prefer?

Wild or not: which do you prefer?  Leora Rosner Wild gardens in our steel, glass and brick jungles offer a softer view. Placed along facades where one would generally never see a garden, because of lack of interest, wild gardens would help create a greener...

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Walking with Weeds

Walking with Weeds Leora Rosner Now that summer has reached this shore, albeit for a mere few days, come and walk with me. Let’s see what’s growing along the sidewalks, streets, fences and empty lots. Let’s look at the wild potential in greening and cooling cities....

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In Vienna, a ‘Biotope City’ district is currently under construction. A neighborhood based on the principles of Biotope City: the realization of a dense urban neighborhood as nature in a close juxtaposition with human, their homes, nearby shops, school, kindergarten, and species of flora and fauna, each with their own, closely interlinked sphere of life.

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A Wall in the Change of Seasons

A Wall in the Change of Seasons Irene Zluwa The contribution of Irene Zluwa is the result of a study of plants that have a good chance of surviving wall greening. This is certainly interesting for those who want to realize greening the grey house walls in densely...

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MOSS AGAINST C02   Leora Rosner  In the daily surf  ‘n’ seek for innovative ways of greening the (barren) urban landscape I happened upon a small company, Groene Gevel Design (Green Gable Design), in Rotterdam. The question,  “what could possibly be new in the...

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