Hein van Bohemen

Dr. ing. Hein van Bohemen has special interest in ecological engineering (how to combine nature with civil engineering).

Bohemen has been head of the environmental research department and later research coordinator environment and infrastructure at the Road and Hydraulic Engineering Institute of the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management of the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management in The Netherlands.
For two years he has been working two days a week at the Delft Interfaculty Research Centre, which has been concentrating on pioneering innovative research on sustainable building, entitled  ‘The Ecological City’. Since his pre-pension (1/4/05) he works two days a week as lecturer of ecological engineering at the Delft University of Technology/ Materials Science and Sustainable Construction section.
Bohemen has special interests in ecology, landscape ecology and ecological engineering in relation to civil engineering projects. His topics at the moment are habitat fragmentation, roads and motorways, mitigation and compensation, vegetated roofs and façades of buildings in relation to water management, ecology, fine particulate matter and other related aspects. He is working together with a PhD about greening façades of buildings and noise abatement facilities.
He is the founder and member of the executive board of the International Ecological Engineering Society (IEES) (www.iees.ch).
Bohemen is also working as book review editor of the journal “Ecological Engineering” published by Elsevier.
Further he has a consulting firm (BohemenEcoEngineeringConsultancy) specifically involved in the Netherlands and abroad giving lectures about ecological engineering in the urban field and writing reports about various aspects of ecological engineering.
In 2005 he published, together with 28 co-authors, the textbook “Ecological Engineering; Bridging between ecology and civil engineering.” Four years later the book was fully translated in the Korean language and is used at the University of Seoul.