Harrie van Helmond

After a training to furniture maker he chose for building engineering: HTS Den Bosch and TH Eindhoven (department of urban renewal and town planning ). Already during the study he founded the collective KOVOS together with some student colleagues, an architect and engineering office active on national level since 1979 active specialized in urban renewal and restructuring. In first half of the nineties he studied at the Akademie voor Bouwkunst at Tilburg and was afterwards some years linked to it as teacher. Changed in 1994 from urban renewal to a broader design area: urban planning, architecture and interior design. Since 2003 as independent architect under the name of “van Helmond Zuidam architects” in Eindhoven. Besides this linked as an architect to the Rijksgebouwendienst in the years 2005-2010, member of the Monuments/Welstandscommissie Den Bosch and Eindhoven in the years 1997-2010, editor at Archined.nl and moderator at TUE study association Cheops. Mission: to lay connections between past and future of the city., life cycle sustainable buildings, the aesthetics of sustainability, architect as a designing mediation between user and builder.

vanhelmondzuidam.nl, Archined.nl


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