THE CITY AS A ROCKY LANDSCAPE The new island Surtsey and the new business district Zuidas of Amsterdam...  Helga Fassbinder It could have started like this: water stretching far beyond the horizon, nothing but water, and all of a sudden HE divides the water from the...

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The Urbanity of Wild Plants

The Urbanity of Wild Plants Leora Rosner   Cooperation is  the wild plants' middle name, up against grey facades or a world of red brick. Urban spread amongst wild plants, can be true development in acceptance of their presence. Wild plants needn't be fenced out for...

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I am the city

I am the city   Leora Rosner   I am the city Stone, brick, mortar, steel and glass My arteries are the streets The sidewalks my veins My people are the muscles Of my perambulations My breath is short and strained and I am feverish I am the city Nigh on...

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